Adults have Something to Smile About!

Dr. Nate at the computer today.

It is a common misconception that, as Orthodontists, we only see kids for braces.

The majority of our patients are under the age of 19, but a rapidly growing number of adults are now either adding their smile to their bucket list or correcting treatment they had as a child.

The increasing adult orthodontics trend is being seen nationwide.

Different surveys put the number between 20-25%, and those numbers are at least a few years old.

So, why do an increasing number of adults care about their smiles?

The cynical person would answer that it is a symptom of our superficial society.  Our experience treating hundreds of adults has shown that nothing could be further from reality.  Besides… who wants to be around that person anyways?  They probably never smile!

Adults often renew their smiles through orthodontic treatment because of a relapse from previous treatment when they were teenagers.

In fact, if you are an adult who has had orthodontic treatment when you were a child, ask yourself this question… Do you know where your retainer is right now?  That’s what I thought (wink-wink).

We’ll cover the importance of retainers in a future blog post, but teeth WILL shift with time (regardless if you have had previous orthodontics).

The saying should go... Just like you will always need air to breath, your teeth will always be on the move!  #teethmove

But the largest percentage of our adult patients are completely new to orthodontics.  They never had braces as a child so…. What brings them in?

The most common answer?

“I want a fantastic smile” …and that is great!

Indulge me for a minute.  What do you see when you hear the term 'smile?'

Perhaps you picture your actual smile, but I would venture to guess you think of a memory that makes you smile.

In fact, more often it’s having a new reason to smile that leads adults to discover orthodontic treatment…

We call this the Smile-Emotion-Connection.

There is a true emotional attachment with your smile and as a result, your happiness. That is partly why adults want their kids to have orthodontics, a 'beautiful smile' lasts forever in those memories.

Adults are never too old to pursue a fantastic smile…  A smile that can turn back the clock further than daylight savings time and give you one more reason to like what you see in every mirror you pass.

Biologically, the teeth will still move the same (albeit slightly slower...there is always a catch). There are even cutting-edge treatments beyond standard braces that adults can choose from with the help of an Orthodontist who has dedicated his or her life to the art and science of tooth movement.

When it comes to your smile a fraction of a millimeter in any direction can make the difference between a brilliant smile and just unremarkable straight teeth.

So whenever you or someone you love is ready to take the next step, either myself, or one of the many world class Orthodontists around the county, will be patiently waiting with your new smile.

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