Confident Smiles!

Dr. Nate here on a continuation from last week’s blog post on adult Orthodontics.

As Orthodontists, we are experts on crafting wonderfully balanced smile esthetics.  While the reasons for wanting an improved smile are as unique as every patient we see, there is a common underlying theme.


What can increased self-confidence do for adults?

Lets start with the professional world.  We have so many adult patients that want to improve their smiles for their careers.  The reason…there is a ton of research that talks about how important a confident smile is to the interview process, and to potential customers.

The smile is consistently the number 2 focal point of a person’s eyes when they are introduced.

Anyone know what the number 1 facial focal-point is?  Feel free to answer in the comments section.  But back to the point…

And there are many, many more scenarios where that new smile is desirable.

What if you are getting married soon, and want that perfect smile for your pictures?  Or, what if you are a mother who hasn’t treated yourself in lord-knows-how-long?  Wait, isn’t Mother’s Day coming up?????

These are just a small sample of reasons our adult patients have sought out our practice.

We offer so many treatment options, including truly esthetic methods such as Invisalign.  Our incredible team is able to accommodate any schedule and any timeline.

So, give us a call and come meet your new smile!

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