Interdisciplinary Treatment

Developing a perfect smile may require a team approach. We will collaborate with your dentist and other dental specialists to achieve your best possible smile.
Interdisciplinary Treatment

A Collaborative Approach for the Best Care Possible

As orthodontists, we are experts in creating optimal space for aesthetic restorations (such as implants, veneers, or crowns), moving teeth to protect against periodontal disease damage, or positioning the teeth to improve the overall health and function.

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What is Interdisciplinary Treatment?

In dentistry, interdisciplinary treatment is an essential aspect of patient care to get a detailed assessment of the patient’s oral health. It involves the collaborative involvement of dental practitioners from different dental fields to contribute their expertise to provide a holistic treatment approach. From ensuring the real-time flow of communication and interaction between the interdisciplinary team members, sharing diagnoses, and deciding on treatment methods to administering prompt treatment, this treatment method is focused on enhancing the quality of care and providing long-term health benefits to the patient. Cases such as full-mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic dental corrections require assistance from an interdisciplinary team for a comprehensive and correct treatment. It seeks to enhance individuals’ overall well-being and satisfaction by addressing various aspects of oral health in a coordinated manner.
Interdisciplinary Treatment Team

Who is on Your Interdisciplinary Treatment Team?

The interdisciplinary treatment team involves dental professionals specializing in different areas who collaborate to understand the patient’s oral health and provide complete care to brighten the smile. The dental specialists in the interdisciplinary treatment team are determined based on what treatment a patient is seeking, their needs, the condition of the oral health, and the patient’s age. However, the interdisciplinary treatment team generally consists of a general dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, periodontist, prosthodontist, pediatric dentist, endodontist, dental hygienist, dental technician, and anesthesiologist.
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How Does an Interdisciplinary Approach to Patient Treatment Enhance Care?

The interdisciplinary approach in dental care is a patient-centric collaborative approach that ensures the patient’s best possible treatment and recovery. It brings dental specialists from their specific area of expertise to provide quality treatment and comprehensive care. The areas that the interdisciplinary approach ticks for the enhanced care of patient treatment are:
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Proper Care

Each member of the interdisciplinary treatment team is a specialist in their sector with professional knowledge of their particular discipline. Pooling their specialties together and conducting an all-inclusive analysis of the patient’s condition, the team can collaborate to prepare a comprehensive treatment plan for improved outcomes. It leads to administering holistic and quality treatment to the patient, strengthening their oral health for a prolonged time and increasing patient satisfaction.
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Minimizes Medical Error

The interdisciplinary team includes dental experts of various specialties, and when they work jointly for a particular patient, it eliminates the chances of miscommunication as information is shared in real-time to prepare the treatment plan. This will ensure thorough assessment and suggest treatment accordingly, which reduces the chances of medical errors.
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Prompt Treatment

The fundamental attribute of interdisciplinary treatment is the team collaborating and communicating efficiently within the team and with the patient to improve the quality of delivering accurate care, which elevates the patient’s quality of life. The team of dental specialists working together can determine the best treatment route for the patient and initiate the treatment process promptly.
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Better Quality of Life

Collaborative care from the interdisciplinary team when treating a patient involves creating a proper plan to address the existing and possible issues and the after-care of the patient. Doing so improves the quality and accuracy of the treatment and contributes to bettering the quality of life of the patient.
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Get Interdisciplinary Treatment at Mellion Orthodontics

If you want to get the best insight and treatment to enhance your oral health, Dr. Nicholas Mellion and his team at Mellion Orthodontics are at your service to provide complete care for all your dental needs. Whether you’re looking to get your misaligned teeth fixed or in need of cosmetic restoration, our team of professionals will collaborate together to provide you with the quality treatment to restore your healthy, bright smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our interdisciplinary treatment team and get a holistic assessment of your oral health.


When is an Interdisciplinary Treatment Required?
After assessing the oral condition of a patient, an interdisciplinary treatment is recommended by the dentist if the treatment requires expertise from several dental experts from different fields of dentistry.
Who are the Crucial Members of an Interdisciplinary Treatment Team?
While the member of the interdisciplinary team is determined on the basis of the oral issues and the specific needs of the patient, generally, the team consists of a general dentist, dental hygienist, orthodontist, and endodontist.
What Dental Issues Can Be Treated Through Interdisciplinary Treatment?
Interdisciplinary treatment can treat various dental issues, from severe to minor cases. It includes oral problems such as malocclusion, gum diseases, jaw alignment problems, and other issues that require the involvement of more than a single specialist.
Is Interdisciplinary Treatment a Lengthy Process?
The procedure of interdisciplinary treatment is to deliver holistic care to the patient by assessing multiple areas simultaneously and then preparing a complete treatment plan which may prolong the overall treatment duration. However, the duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of the case and may vary from patient to patient.


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