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In recent years, online presence has sky-rocketed. Every teen is on social media, constantly sharing and uploading pictures. So, it is important to have a properly aligned smile. The curve of a smile has the power to straighten any situation. We understand that orthodontic treatment for teens is a big decision. That’s why we offer various teen orthodontic treatment options, including Ceramic (clear) braces, traditional metal braces, and braces for teens that work with their customized treatment plan.

Early Teens Orthodontics

When Should Teens Get Braces?

At the age range of 12 to 16, teens normally wear braces, as this is the time when most of their permanent teeth erupt, and issues like gaps, crowding, and misalignments become noticeable. This age range ensures that the bone and jaw structures have adequately developed for orthodontic procedures while remaining flexible enough for effective tooth movement. Teens with dental concerns, such as gaps or misaligned teeth, often struggle with self-consciousness, impacting their confidence and social interactions. Addressing these orthodontic issues enhances their smile and promotes positive self-esteem, contributing to success in education and future career pursuits.

Benefits of Braces for Teens?

Orthodontic treatment, specifically braces, can be a beneficial solution for teenagers in various situations. The decision to get invisible braces for teens is often motivated by factors that enhance the smile’s aesthetics and contribute to oral health. Additionally:

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Improving Self-Confidence and Social Life

Braces help teens feel more confident by fixing misaligned teeth. A confident smile makes social situations better, improving relationships and overall well-being.
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Enhancing Personal and Social Life

The aesthetic improvements brought about by braces can significantly affect a teenager’s personal and social life. Straight teeth and a good bite make a teen’s smile more attractive to peers.

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Improving Teeth Health and Functionality

Beyond the cosmetic benefits, clear braces are crucial in enhancing teeth health. Correcting misalignments can facilitate proper cleaning, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.
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Orthodontic treatment, including braces, is often considered a cost-effective investment in a teenager’s oral health. Addressing alignment issues early on can prevent more extensive and expensive dental procedures.
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Guiding Jaws for Proper Growth

Braces not only align teeth but also play a crucial role in guiding the growth of the jaws. Invisible braces for teens can prevent or reduce orthodontic issues that may arise as a teenager continues to grow.
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Straightforward Orthodontic Treatment for Teens

Braces for teens is a straightforward orthodontic treatment for teens. The adolescent years are considered an ideal time for orthodontic treatment. Teenagers generally respond well to braces, and their dental structures are adaptable, allowing for effective correction. Hence, it is the right time to get braces for teens for optimal results.

Different Kinds of Dental Braces for Teenagers

Braces come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. We also provide Invisalign aligners that make orthodontic treatment much more aesthetic. Our practice aims to create your best smile. We offer different kinds of dental braces for teenagers; you can choose from:

Ceramic (clear) braces:

Ceramic braces are inherently more discreet and less visible. It is made of clear and tooth-colored materials. It is one of the best options for patients who want to straighten their teeth affordably but do not want to use invisalign braces. The best thing about ceramic braces is they are less visible and move teeth faster than clear aligners. It takes about 17 to 36 months to straighten your teeth. Moreover, you can even choose colors like gray or shiny metallic silvers. For such reasons, it is one of the best braces for teens.

Invisalign aligners

Invisalign is made of flexible thermoplastic materials. It is used for numerous purposes, such as spacing between teeth and other mild and moderate bite issues. It is more expensive than ceramic braces but worth more than ceramic braces. The pros of Invisalign are that it is less noticeable, and you can physically remove it whenever you need it. You can brush your teeth and floss seamlessly without any difficulties. However, there are a few disadvantages of Invisalign. One of the cons is that you need to wear it more than 20 hours a day to benefit from it. Your aligners should be removed when eating or drinking, or else food or drink can affect it. Furthermore, you must avoid hard foods, which may cause tooth soreness.

Traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces typically cost less than clear braces or Invisalign aligners. Even though traditional metal braces for teens are cheap compared to others, they have numerous benefits. It provides help for the orthodontist to control or move teeth in small increments at a time. However, its main con is the metal mouth appearance. It is noticeable, so people who don’t want to get noticed wearing braces prefer Invisalign or ceramic braces. The best way to care for metal braces is to brush three times daily and above, on, and below the braces. Remember that a person using traditional metal braces should avoid sticky, chewy, and hard food, as it can easily cause damage to braces.

Getting Started With Braces

Getting braces is a significant milestone for teenagers seeking a confident and healthy smile. The process involves crucial steps, from the initial consultation to the regular tightening schedule. Here’s a complete process to getting started with braces for teens:

Initial Consultation

The journey of getting braces begins with an initial consultation with an orthodontist. During this visit, the orthodontist evaluates the teen’s dental condition. Moreover, discuss treatment options and answer any questions or concerns during the initial consultation. It is an opportunity for the teenager and their parents to understand the recommended treatment plan clearly.

Dental Impressions

Once the decision to proceed with braces is made, the next step involves taking dental impressions. These impressions help create customized braces that fit the unique structure of the teen’s teeth. It’s a painless process where a putty-like material is applied to develop an accurate tooth mold, ensuring the braces will be tailored for optimal effectiveness.

Brace Fitting

The orthodontist fits the braces with the impressions in hand during a subsequent appointment. The brace fitting process may take a couple of hours, during which the orthodontist carefully attaches brackets to the teeth and secures them with wires. The teen may experience some discomfort initially, but this is normal and temporary.

Adapting to Braces

The first few days with braces may require an adjustment period. Eating softer foods, practicing proper oral hygiene, and using orthodontic wax to alleviate discomfort from braces are essential. Teens must follow the orthodontist’s instructions for care for the best results.

Regular Check-ups and Adjustments

Throughout the treatment, regular check-ups are scheduled to monitor the progress of the braces. Adjustments are made during these appointments to tighten the braces, gradually aligning the teeth into the desired position. These visits also allow the orthodontist to address any concerns or issues.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene becomes even more essential with braces. Teens must brush and floss diligently to prevent plaque buildup and maintain the health of their teeth and gums. The orthodontist may provide special tools and techniques to help with oral care while wearing braces.

Brace Removal

After getting the desired results, the orthodontist removes the braces. It is a significant moment for the teen, signaling the completion of the orthodontic journey. The orthodontist may recommend using retainers to maintain the new alignment and prevent the teeth from shifting back.

What to Expect After Getting Braces

After getting braces, teens can expect some initial discomfort, including tenderness in the teeth and soreness in the gums and cheeks. This discomfort generally stays for a few days and can be handled with pain relievers. Eating may require adjustment, with a preference for soft foods initially, and speech might be affected temporarily. Tightening sessions can cause discomfort, but attending these appointments is essential to ensure the braces effectively guide the teeth. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene prevents several issues. Moreover, regular check-ups with the best orthodontist will monitor progress and make necessary adjustments. Despite these initial challenges, the outcome of a confident and radiant smile makes the braces journey worthwhile.

Result Of Teen Braces: Before And After


before invisalign treatment


after invisalign treatment

How long will I have to wear Braces?

The type of treatment prescribed to correct the dental problems fully will determine treatment time. The treatment time depends on the prescribed dental care. Each person’s treatment is unique, and everyone responds differently. One person might finish in 12 months, while another might need 24 months. Your body’s response and the work required affect the time for your desired smile.

A patient’s cooperation is absolutely essential as they play a major role in the length of treatment time. Always remember to take care of your appliances and also to follow our instructions; this will truly help shorten your treatment time!

Early Teens Orthodontics

Why Choose Mellion Orthodontics for Teens Braces?

Choosing Mellion Orthodontics for orthodontic treatment and braces for teens is a wise decision. At Mellion Orthodontics, our experienced and skilled orthodontists prioritize complete orthodontic care, providing tailored treatment plans for unique needs. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures comfortable treatments and a beautiful, healthy smile. Choose Mellion Orthodontics for expertise, innovation, and patient-centric care, making the journey to straighter teeth enjoyable and effective for your teen and setting the standard for teen braces.
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